Welcome to NSAM Academy

Established in July 2019, NSAM Academy in Navi Mumbai’s premier institution recognized for fashion, designs, styling, art, and business.

The NSAM Academy is associated with an East African Independent accredited University - The Central Christian University (CCU) in the city of Blantyre, Malawi. The University encourages various methods of distance learning maintaining the International Standards & offers the highest class qualifications. Our courses are industry-driven programs that prepare students to work as creative experts in the ever-updating fashion industry.

From ideas to creation and production, students -

  • Study and learn the art and business of fashion
  • Develop creative as well as competitive skills for the fashion industry
  • Originate, nurture, transform and explore their creativity
  • Prepare for a dynamic career in the fashion industry

NSAM, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai is known for experiential learning opportunities, adaptable academic programming, the industry as well as academic partnerships, and commitment to research, creativity, invention, along with entrepreneurship.

NSAM Academy Courses in association with Central Christian University (CCU), Malawi includes:

Fashion Designing - Diploma, Degree, Post-Graduation Degree

Interior Designing - Diploma, Degree, Post-Graduation Degree

Make-up and Hair Do - Short term as well as long term courses

Event Management Courses - Short term as well as long term courses

Our Mission :

Although NSAM Academy’s pedagogical mission is to prepare students for professional excellence in fashion, design, styling, and business, the comprehensive ethos is to foster creativity and leadership so that students embrace inclusiveness and impart global perspectives.

Our Aim & Objectives :

Together we with students, industry colleagues, teachers, and experts strive to evolve state-of-the-art design as well as strategic business solutions so as to create personal and professional opportunities, upend the status quo, and have a long-lasting as well as sustainable global impact.

The fashion designing, interior designing, make-up and hair do courses at NSAM Academy, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai are led by prominent faculty members who bring decades of real-world experience into the classroom. NSAM’s core team includes designers, artists, and business professionals who have worked with some of the most notable names in fashion.

Our Achievements

  • GLOBAL AFFILIATIONS - international affiliations with the world’s most prestigious design bodies
  • PROFESSIONAL FACULTY - Industry experienced full time and guest faculty who run famous design firms and boutiques.
  • AWARDS & RECOGNITION - Our students regularly participate in National and International professional competitions.

Why Choose Us

  • Our PhotoStat
  • Modern Courses
  • 30+ Years Of Experience


Being a research-based and solely dedicated to providing Open and Distance Learning programs, Central Christian University (CCU) is a Non-Profit University in Malawi and further beyond it

The University is registered under the Companies Act with the registrar also with a Certificate of incorporation No. 14634; Central Christian University is formerly known as the Christian College of Education in September 2013 founded by honorable Dr.Osman Nyakuleha.

Established in the city of Blantyre, Malawi, the University targets a niche in the market of education to build up the relation between universities and hiring industries through our pursuit of research and development methodologies.

CCU noticed that the higher education institutions are widely recognized for their crucial contributions to economic development through their role in producing the knowledge, skills, and innovations

In today’s knowledge-based economies, research and development (R&D) are observed an important aspect to economic growth and sustainability there is, therefore, a need to create a strong interface between the productive sector and this education sub-sector that requires the skills and knowledge of the graduates from the higher education or universities just to increase their productivity.

The University also plays an essential role besides producing efficient graduates for the job market, which are lead researches, consultancy, and technological breakthroughs that encourage real sustained economic evolution and social growth.


Our mission is to empower servant leaders with knowledge and skills through open access to quality, innovative distance-learning programs, and services for the promotion of a culture of life-long learning. We are committed to offering open and distance learning programs that are aimed at reducing illiteracy and democratizing access to knowledge in Malawi and beyond. We also seek to promote university-industry linkages through research and development with a view to contributing to national and regional economic growth and competitiveness.

Our Vision

We envision being an academic leader in the provision of distance education, teaching, research, and development of a knowledge-based society that is capable of addressing challenges of the 21st century and beyond.

Our Goal

a) To equip students with skills and desire for self-employment and entrepreneurship rather than conventional wage employment
b) To develop the quest for knowledge and lifelong learning skills that are essential for continuous upgrading of knowledge and skills parallel to the rapid advancement in global knowledge.


Our working philosophy is to ensure that Our Learners’ needs and expectations are taken into account and supported.