Frequently Asked Question's

1. How does the CCU handle distance learning and online courses?

Ans : The University encourages various methods of distance learning while maintaining the International Standards & offers the highest class education along with appropriate qualifications. The CCU acts as the academic collaborator for a particular region through which the potential students from that region can admit in CCUs academic programs through the enrollment partners of the particular region

2. How is Fashion Designing as a career?

Ans : Fashion designing comes under the fabric and textile industry. In this competitive world, fashion designing is one of the fat paying careers, if you’re creative and constantly working on new ideas in fashion trends then this career is for you.

3. Can I complete my designing course while working part-time?

Ans : The university has come up with programs specially designed for the working class. A working-class student only needs to study for not more than 2 hours/day to compete with a regular student. The programs provide flexibility to the students which can ease their daily life.

4. Do I need to apply for Equivalency on the Basis of CCU Certificate?

Ans: One can directly apply for the registered courses. You do not need to apply for the equivalency certificate to study for those online courses.

5. Which are the different Fashion designing courses provided by CCU?

Ans: We provide a number of Fashion Designing courses which include Bachelor’s in Science in Fashion Designing, a Diploma in Fashion Designing and Postgraduation in fashion designing and also an Advanced Diploma in FD.

6. What is interior Designing and its courses?

Ans : Interior designing is the study of interiors and how one can design an interior of a room or a building. We train aspiring designers under expert’s from the industry in our programs. We provide a number of interior designing courses.

7. What’s more preferred, Interior designing Degree or Diploma?

Ans : While the choice differs from person to person, the Degree and Diploma serve their own purposes, while the Diploma programs give you an outlook of the subject is for someone who’s short on time, while the degree covers the subject in detail and gives a better and deeper understanding of the subject.

8. Do we charge a consultancy fee to enquire about a particular course?

Ans : CCU and our other enrollment partners provide free consultations, we do not charge any kind of fees for it.

9.Do we need to appear for an entrance exam for CCU courses?

Ans : No, we do not conduct any entrance exam. If a student wants to register for any course, they can directly apply for it on our website or reach out to our enrollment partner in your region

10. What is the process of taking admission to CCU programs?

Ans : You need to pay a minimal amount known as the admission fee and submit your application along with the requested documents to the enrollment committee in your region

11. Do I need to visit the enrollment center after the enrollment process is completed?

Ans : No, you needn’t visit the enrollment center again. Every Student of CCU has its own Student Login ID Issued by CCU by which can log in and utilize it for their work until the completion of their programs.

12. What are the age Limitations to take admission to CCU Courses?

Ans : No, we believe that there is no limit on age if you want to pursue anything.

13. How does the CCU schedule their exams?

Ans : The CCU follows the usual pattern where the final exams are conducted in the month of March, while the semesters are conducted in the month of June and December as decided by the management committee.

14. How many days does the CCU take to confirm my enrollment for the course?

Ans : Once you’ve successfully submitted all the required documents to our enrollment partner of the specific region, the CCU will release the enrollment number within 10 days or less.

15. What grading system does the CCU follow?

Ans :The CCU follows the European style of grading system to evaluate the performance of every student. i.e. SGPA &CGPA.

16. How will I receive my certificate after completing the course?

Ans : Once you have completed the course, the enrollment partner will provide every student with a mark sheet and for the convocation, you will find all the details on the official website of CCU.

17. How would the company verify my certification from the CCU?

Ans : The verification of the certificate can be done by an online process on the official website of CCU.

18. If I Fail in CCU Exams do I get to reappear?

Ans : If by any chance you do not manage to pass the CCU exams, you get to reappear for the exams by paying the reexamination fees, it saves your time and all your hard work.

19. What are the benefits of Online Education Worldwide?

Ans : Study from anywhere in the world at any time. The flexibility of space and time, no commute costs at all and that saves a plenty of time. It also gives you exposure to the industry from one place and increases your chances of networking.