The Best Fashion Designing Institute in Navi Mumbai

NASM Academy: best fashion designing college in mumbai


At NASM Academy, We provide fashion technology and interior decoration in navi mumbai as well as Makeup course, we believe that fashion designing is not just another career option, it’s more than that. When a designer creates their designs, in our opinion it’s their way of contributing to the creative side of the world.

With passing years we have seen the Fashion industry in India grow day by day and with today’s generation showing their interest in fashion and following the latest trends creates curiosity among the others. We believe that the Fashion industry in India will take a huge uprise in the upcoming decade. By 2030, India will be known as one of the best countries in terms of fashion, just like its known for its culture and heritage. Funny, how we talk about culture and heritage and fashion in the same sentence.

Talking about creativity and innovation, here at NSAM Academy, we believe that creativity is innate and can be learned and practiced. If you love innovations and creativity then this industry is for you. However, the fashion industry is one of the more challenging industries of all as designers need to reach heights of creativity and people skills to sustain in this industry. If you love innovations and creativity then this industry is for you. Here we have created a curriculum in such a way that it will help you explore yourself in and out as a designer.

What is fashion designing really about?

Fashion Design is not just about clothes but also footwear and accessories, they all together form an outlook of fashion. It’s an art and art needs inspiration. Inspiration is the most important part of creativity. With new fashion designing courses in Navi Mumbai, its usual to say that the garment and fashion trends in India are taking a new turning point.The fact that you can be self-employed as a fashion designer makes most people follow this as their career path. The satisfaction that one gets when they look at their own creation is magnificent.


The skills can be developed over time but there are certain aspects that none can teach you like having an eye for aesthetic. Clearly everyone has their own definition for aesthetic, everyone has their own unique way to look at things and judge them. These little things will take you further in your career.

No doubt that the fashion industry pays you well but that alone shouldn’t be your motive to pursue this as your career. With lucrative income comes the hardships, the struggle to make yourself known by the other professionals. NSAM academy will train you for every challenge that one might face.

Here, at NASM academy we have experts, right from Makeup Artists to Interior designers, with everyone being professionals at what they do, we aim to mold our aspiring designers and artists in the same way and follow their passion through our interior designing college in mumbai and also Makeup courses. Come and join us and follow your dreams with the fashion designing institute in Navi Mumbai at one and only NASM academy Kharghar.

Career And Industry Aspects

What is in and what is out once more? The Fashion Industry is emphatically liable to trends, developments. As a fashion designer, you know better than anybody how to counter the most recent trends. A style creator's innovative procedure starts with motivation. This is purely done from an individual's perspective and their way. You will at that point convert the motivation picked up into the primary module, the idea, by methods for a sketch. And now you consider the materials you need to use in this design. The utilization of materials relies upon the objective gathering. you as a designer are liable for the final product, the assembling of the collection.

At the point when you get into the fashion designing course, you will get suitable training on all viewpoints that happen in the process from idea to acknowledgment and sales of a clothing line. As a fashion designer you not just include a job inside the innovative process of fashion, yet you are the liable person for operation procedure like, How would you manage financial plans, how would you recognize the costs required to understand the garments line structured by you and how would you showcase the clothing collection? This and significantly more will be examined during the preparation or course of fashion designing.

As a creative talent, you learn everything about form, color, material, and technique, but also about the social, economic and cultural backgrounds of fashion. You develop a personal vision of fashion that you work out in clothing and styling concepts. With a business attitude, you get to know the fashion industry in detail in a different way. After your studies, you use your management skills and insights to purchase, have produced, and sell clothing as effectively as possible. You are also able to answer sustainability issues. If you have a strong visual and textual attitude, you will learn that a concept is the basis of every fashion brand. The concept influences the designs, the ranges, and the communication and sales strategy. You learn to develop and monitor a concept and to deal with both design principles and setting up a brand strategy.

What Is After Fashion Designing?

Fashion designing has a broad industry lookup for talented freshers. NSAM academy provides best fashion designing course in navi mumbai with different degrees from diploma to master. You will be trained here as a fashion designer with your own signature. Graduates from NSAM Academy have their own mark, are exceptionally qualified, have worldwide quality, and have a wide armory of chances to show themselves in the fashion design world. You can also own a clothing brand After graduation, some students aspire to start their own clothing brand and run their startups.

You can grab a different position in the fashion Industry with your experience and skill set such as:

  • Fashion Designer
  • Fashion Forecaster
  • Independent designer
  • Digital designer
  • Production manager
  • Concept developer
  • Creative producer
  • Creative fashion developer, etc