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If you guys didn’t know earlier, Navi Mumbai is also known as the Mumbai Pune - Knowledge Corridor. The reason being, the excellent educational facilities this city provides you with. With the introduction of several colleges and Institutes recently, Navi Mumbai has become a hub for all kinds of educational institutes.

One knows, a solid educational base is the most significant pillar an individual can build their career on. Established in July 2019, NSAM Academy is Navi Mumbai’s premier institution associated with Central Christian University (CCU) - Malawi. It is an East African Independent Accredited University with Worldwide Networks to Promote Various Methods of Education with International Standards & offering high-quality qualifications.

Simply put, NSAM Academy provides you with a wide variety of degree courses meant to help develop your life skills. Associated with the Central Christian University (CCU), Malawi, NSAM Academy focuses on the professional growth of an individual.

Being a hub for Learning Management, Fashion Technology, Interior Designing, and so on in the first tier, NSAM Academy also believes in distance learning. With the help of CCU, NSAM Academy will now be able to provide programs like Physiotherapy, Management, Digital Education, Commerce and Finance, Healthcare, Journalism, and more, making us the Jack of all Trades.

50+ Workshop Conducted

A workshop can present another idea, prodding students to try and learn from several tasks at hand. It encourages ingenuity and is an incredible opportunity for students and faculties alike to learn from experience giving them the freedom to fail in a safe space and get right back up. We believe workshops are the best way to encourage the students. The various demonstrations provided help boost our students’ confidence.

100% Placement Assistance

We understand that finding a job in these competitive times is pretty tough for a freshly graduated individual irrespective of the course they are enrolled in and thus at NSAM we guarantee every one of our students a 100% placement assistance, extending full support to get top companies to recruit our students who graduate from our programs. Giving a kickstart to your career with a high-paying job.

Excellent Faculty/Trainers

What’s better than learning from someone with experience from the industry. We have domain experts for faculty to guide you through the courses. Our trainers include excellent educators and researchers from various sectors ready to answer all your ‘Whats’, ‘Hows’, ‘Whys’, and help you understand the subject in detail.

Free Consultation

Consult the experts from the Industry, free of cost, anytime and anywhere. Benefit from our free expert guidance and find the right career openings aligned to your stream of choice.

Our Courses

One can choose from a wide range of interesting and challenging courses here at NSAM Academy. We offer Bachelor’s, Master's, MBAs, and more, in a wide variety of subjects. Providing a vivid number of courses, NSAM Academy covers almost every curricular course while majoring in Fashion technology, Interior designing, and Learning Management in Navi Mumbai. Here’s a list of all the courses NSAM Academy offers. Choose the one that can help launch your career. We have Certified courses for Fashion designing, Interior designing right from Diploma to Post-Graduation available here. Being the pioneers of the Fashion industry, we are the best fashion designing college in Mumbai that you can choose from

Career Fields

Pursuing courses opens a lot of career options for aspiring individuals. Despite a series of fields provided by us, it undisputedly depends on the individual what he wants to do with his/her acquired skills.

NSAM Academic

Academics at NSAM Academy in association with CCU, Malawi. NSAM Academy students and teachers bring a diversity of knowledge, experiences, and accomplishments to our community...


Ms. Neeru Jain


Mr. Ayush Jain



Professional Educationalist

Mrs. Shubh Malhotra

Brand Ambassador

Ms.Sakshi Kadam


Mr. Rohit keshri

Digital Partner

Mr. Ajinkya Bhujbal

Technical Partner