NASM Academy: Best Interior Designing Academy in Navi Mumbai

NASM Academy: Top interior designing college in mumbai

In this interior designing institute, we believe that a place where a person spends most of his time is interior. We might not know the relevance of how interiors can affect a person’s mood and his daily routine, but It is observed that a person who lives in an aesthetically pleasing environment have a better mindset, is more productive, and so on. We create professionals who understand this aspect of life, love to innovate, and can transform their imagination into reality.

Our goal is to push inspired designers in the right direction of learning, help them shape their careers right from the scratch. If you think you are creative and innovative, then this is where you’re most suited to. We aim to create such professional designers that can take the industry of fashion to the next level. Today’s generation is going to be tomorrow’s chaperone. To follow the path we offer a number of courses, ranging from Diploma in interior designing to Post Diploma in interior designing and furthermore, we have mentors who can guide you through the industry of fashion and enlighten you with their deep and extensive knowledge.


We also offer a professional makeup course in Navi Mumbai, we have it all at one place. we offer an interior designing course in Kharghar at NSAM Academy, you’ll be trained under the guidance of professionals. NSAM Academy: The academy for best fashion and interior designing in navi mumbai, be it a degree or a diploma or post-diploma.

With interior designing being one of the most challenging career paths in India, we aim to upskill and educate our students with the art of interior designing, keeping in mind that creativity is innate and comes from an inspiration, we, NSAM academy intent to guide you through the process of it and prepare you for your career.

We have created a curriculum especially for aspiring interior designers, teaching them various aspects like

Innovate -Innovation is what uniqueness you can contribute to the world through your designs, overcoming various challenges

Inspire -We will drive you through a number of courses that will inspire you to bring out the designer in you.

Experience - First-hand experience is the main purpose of our program is to provide you a demonstration of what the industry is like.

Being a designer is uncomplicated, but what’s challenging is to be the best at it. Top-class designers can do things that no usual designer can i.e they make the best out of waste and when we say that, we mean it. Here, in this institute, we aim to train aspiring designers who aim that high. We are the best at what we do. Design your lifestyle for passion, not for comfort. NSAM Academy doesn’t only teach you how to design interiors, but also your dreams. You design your own faith.

Choose from our variety of courses be it a degree or diploma and come join us our team. We are ready, are you?

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