Mr. Tapan Vyas

Mentor, NSAM Academy of Fashion Designing

With an experience of almost two decades in the field of films, fashion, ads and entertainment, Tapan Vyas has set a strong foot in the glamour industry. Having an affinity for the custom of exploring ‘fashion’, Tapan over the years have worked as a fashion designer, fashion stylist, grooming expert as well as fashion choreographer with various brands including Vadilal Icrecreams, Kitchen Express Masala, Just in Time and Intus Pharmacy shoot with Sameer Soni.

His love for fashion is what drew him to this profession. His goal is to share ‘that’ curiosity and interest while mentoring the students of NSAM Academy of Fashion designing. Tapan Vyas is Founder and Director of TV Entertainment India and is prominently known as a Fashion Runway Director.