Change is a constant factor, but the change should not be at the cost of making green fields barren lands and clearing forests to make buildings. Balance is the key word. Development should not mean a robot’s world rather it should mean a man coding on his laptop while sipping his cup of coffee in his luscious green garden.

Technology has become an integral part of each and every industry including Fashion and Interior decoration. It has not only made work easier but also faster but time and again notable names from the industry have spoken about making the industry sustainable.

Fashion now does not mean furs and animal skins, rather fabrics that do not serve as a threat to our precious environment. Interior Industry is also now taking a shift towards sustainability and we can see experts coming and suggesting various ways of recycling and reusing of products.

The shift has been the need of the hour and considering how playing with environment has backfired it is important to choose the sustainable way of life.