Gone are the days when the only degrees that mattered were B.A, B.COM etc.and if the grey matter was present then the respectable engineering and medical certificates came into place.

Today the generation is more aware of their capabilities and also their interest. There are those young creative minds today who wish to explore opportunities in fields like advertising, fashion, event management or interior decoration. Standing apart is the call of today and these minds di not justvwnatvto stand apart but also want to make a mark for themselves in their field. Gone are the days when dresses were made only by “masterjis”, event meant a family function organised by “chachas & mausas” and decorating a home was only a housewife’s scope of work.

Today is a time when people have actually realised the expert touch and students have realised how gaining expertise can take them a long way and the job to convert these students with a foresight into experts has been taken care of by institutes who have not just forayed the ally rather are Committed To create the best professionals of tomorrow whose masterpieces will create new trends.

NSAM academy which was founded by Ms. Neeru Jain with the sole aim of contributing to this new trend of making students Industr ready and make them go beyond one’s capability and build a name for oneself and carve a niche for them by holding a strong position in a reputed organization