Course Details

The course of Advance Diploma in interior designing is explicitly composed for interior designing students to offer multifaceted skills and in-depth knowledge of designing. Understanding interior design and the ability to use and implement the knowledge with the object to arrange, manage, and design the interior of establishment highlights the advanced diploma course's peculiarity. It provides an upper edge to the students who hold adept skills and proficiency in creating, designing, and effectuating the ideas into reality.

The word advance is self-explanatory of its curriculum to ensure enhanced learning in interior design. The growing popularity of Interior Designing and the ever-increasing opportunities widens the scope for students who are passionate about the world of designing. Moving along with the dynamic characteristics and rising nature of this field is pivotal to keep pace with the necessary changes. With an advanced diploma, the students achieve operational effectiveness plus critically analyze the potential threats and diagnose them at the earliest possible opportunity. The students who look forward to a brighter future in interior designing have infinite career options after completing this course as Interior decorator, consultant, interior auditor, interior product designer, creative director, interior photographer, etc.

What you’ll learn?

  • Lectures 18 hrs weekly
  • Workshops 15
  • Duration 1 Year
  • Assessments Yes
Career Opportunities
  • Spatial And Interior Designer
  • Set Designer
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Experience Designer
  • Narrative Designer
  • Furniture Designer
  • Interior Stylist
  • Brand Manager
  • Design Entrepreneur
  • Strategy Designer
  • Design Researcher
  • Chief Design Officer
  • Chief Creative Officer
  • CAD Specialist
  • Interior Professor