Mr. Ritesh Singh

Mr. Ritesh Singh

Mentor - NSAM Academy

Connoted as the ‘man with the golden-touch’; is often spotted with his cup of black coffee while he understands and scribbles requirements of his client. He would make them ’speak’ unless he is satisfied. All his arrangements exemplify adroit craftsmanship embraced by sustainable methods and compositions. Through his brand, ‘Woven Tales’ having successfully completed over seven years in the industry; he has mesmerised the

The NIFT Alumni is committed to share his learning and knowledge with students at esteemed fashion institutions of the country through Art. His collection ‘viable robes’ helped him gain a lot of recognition in the industry where he produced cent Percent organic fibre extracted from milk, soy protein, banana and bamboo residual.

  • Owner & Creative Director at Woven Tales India
  • Creative Head at Shangaar Design Studios
  • Member of Board of Directors at Crafts Culture Foundation (2016 till present)
  • Puppet and character Design Coach at fashion institutions (including iNIFD, UID and more)
  • Showcased collection at Gurjari by FICCI in 2015. Showcased his collection for Gurjari International Buyer seller created with 100% organic fibre extracted from milk, soya protein, banana and bamboo with contemporary motifs produced from vegetable and mineral dyes for a youth centric collection at India International Trade Fair(IITF) held at Pragati Maidan in November 2015 in Delhi.
  • Judge at Eva India 2017
  • Final jury at iNIFD, UID and more
  • Showcased his organic (milk n soya fabrics) collection at the Finale show in Guwahati Fashion week 2016.
  • Academic consultant at United Institute of Design (Ahmedabad) (July’16 to Dec’16)
  • Space design and collection exhibit at ‘Silk Export and Trade Council of India’ pavilion at ‘Textile India’,Gandhinagar (2017).
  • Designed warrior themed costumes for a cover campaign in partnership with ‘Incredible Marks’, Ahmedabad.
  • Special Guest at India Hotel and Hospitality Awards 2017
  • Calendar shoot themed under promoting veganism in 2011-12

  • Academics :
  • Jury member at Gyatso Institute of Design, Anand (June2017)
  • Jury for ‘styling workshop’ in iNIFD, Indore (July 2017)
  • Jury member for ‘styling workshop’ in iNIFD, Bhopal (October 2017).
  • Conducted ‘Character Design’ (doll making) workshop at iNIFD, Indore (November 2017).
  • Special guest at Khazani Institute of Design, Delhi (November 2017)
  • A member of jury panel at iNIFD, Indore for final year students ( December 2017).
  • Final jury at Miss Eva India 2017