Become a professional makeup and hair-do stylist

Courses in Makeup and Hairdo

According to Google Makeup is the use of lipstick and other cosmetics to enhance, magnify, intensify or alter one's facial looks, which aren't wrong but here at NSAM Academy, we believe that makeup is an art; if backed with years of experience and professionalism, it can do wonders for you. Make-up is another way of expressing the inner you, the elegance, and the beauty that defines you. We believe in creativity and innovation; in our opinion, creativity isn't something innate; hence it can be learned if you're dedicated and motivated enough. With the growing curiosity among today's young generation, we can already presume Makeup artistry is making a vast rise in the upcoming years. Not just the young adults, but you'll find that makeup is rather introduced to some kids at a very young age. We believe there's a lot of scope for growth in this business and that this industry might never take a fall in India because ceremonies and functions in India create a lot of room for employment for artists and this was just an example, make-up is a skill that is a requirement throughout the year and all around the world.