Frequently Asked Questions

NSAM Institute of Design, located in Navi Mumbai, offers a comprehensive range of academic programs in the fields of design. These programs include degrees, diplomas, postgraduate diplomas, and masters in specialized areas like Fashion and Apparel Designing, as well as Interior and Spatial Designing.

In the Fashion and Apparel Designing courses, students delve into various aspects of the fashion industry. The curriculum includes learning about fashion illustrations, which helps students understand and create visual representations of their design ideas. Software applications relevant to the fashion industry are also a key part of the coursework, equipping students with the digital tools necessary for modern design and production. Furthermore, the courses cover fashion trends, enabling students to stay current with the ever-evolving nature of fashion. Pattern making is another critical component, teaching students the technical skills required to convert their designs into wearable garments. Lastly, the courses provide insights into merchandising and marketing techniques, essential for students aspiring to enter the commercial side of the fashion industry.

In the Interior and Spatial Designing courses, students start by learning the basics and fundamentals of interior design. This foundational knowledge is crucial for understanding the broader context of spatial aesthetics and functionality. The coursework also includes studying building materials and services, which are integral to any interior design project. Planning and designing form the core of these courses, focusing on creating spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Budgeting is another critical aspect taught, helping students understand how to work within financial constraints while delivering quality designs. Furniture design is covered as well, giving students the ability to create custom pieces that complement their spatial designs. Additionally, students learn about various software applications pertinent to interior design, which aid in visualization and execution of their ideas.

These programs at NSAM Institute of Design are structured to provide a holistic education, combining theoretical knowledge with practical application, preparing students for the dynamic and creative world of design.

The admission process at NSAM Institute of Design in Navi Mumbai is both accessible and thorough. To begin the application process, prospective students must fill out an online application form available on the institute’s website. This form collects essential information such as personal details, educational background, and any relevant professional experience.

In addition to completing the online application, students are also encouraged to contact the institution’s counselor at the provided phone number, 9987802220. This step allows students to receive personalized guidance and support during the application process. It’s an opportunity to ask specific questions, clarify doubts, and understand more about the courses and facilities offered by the institute.

After the initial application submission, depending on the specific course requirements, students may need to participate in an interview or submit a portfolio. This stage of the process is designed to evaluate the applicant’s suitability for the course and their potential to excel in their chosen field. The interview or portfolio review allows the admissions team to assess the student’s skills, passion, and commitment to their studies.

Overall, NSAM Institute’s admission process is structured to ensure a good fit between the student’s aspirations and the institute’s offerings, setting the stage for a successful educational journey.


Course Type

Eligibility Criteria

Degree Programs

10+2 education from CBSE/State Board or any equivalent board

Diploma Programs

10th standard education from CBSE/State Board or any equivalent board

Postgraduate Diploma (PGDM)

Undergraduate degree from any field

Masters programs

Undergraduate degree from a design field

The eligibility criteria vary depending on the level and type of course. For undergraduate courses, students typically need to have completed their 10+2 education or equivalent. For postgraduate courses, a relevant undergraduate degree is usually required. Additionally, for certain specialized courses, prior experience or knowledge in the field may be advantageous. NSAM Institute may also consider applicants with non-traditional educational backgrounds on a case-by-case basis, particularly if they demonstrate strong potential or relevant experience.

Enrolling in NSAM Institute of Design in Navi Mumbai offers a multitude of advantages that set it apart as a premier institution for design education. Alongside experienced faculty and state-of-the-art facilities, the institute is renowned for its strong industry connections, providing students with an invaluable network for their future careers.

The curriculum at NSAM Institute is dynamically updated to mirror the latest trends and best practices in the design industry. This ensures that students are not just learning the fundamentals but are also keeping pace with the evolving landscape of design. Practical experience is heavily emphasized, with opportunities for students to engage in workshops, internships, and live projects, which are crucial for hands-on learning and real-world application of their skills.

Located in Navi Mumbai, NSAM Institute is also known for its signature events such as the NSAM Fashion Design Fest ‘Defile De Mode’ and the Interior Design Fest ‘Kaalapalooza’. These events provide platforms for students to showcase their creativity and skills, garnering exposure and recognition. Additionally, the institute’s active participation in various prestigious events like the Delhi Times Fashion Week, Navi Mumbai Fashion Week, Indus Awards, and Mrs. India Legacy further elevates the practical learning experience.

Students at NSAM Institute have the unique opportunity to participate in activities like calendar shoots and influencer shoots, adding practical industry experience to their portfolios. These activities are not just extracurricular engagements but are integral parts of the learning process, providing real-world exposure and hands-on experience.

Furthermore, guest lectures from industry experts play a significant role in the educational journey at NSAM Institute. These lectures offer students insights into the industry, allowing them to learn from the experiences and knowledge of established professionals. This blend of theoretical knowledge, practical exposure, and industry interaction ensures that graduates from NSAM Institute are well-equipped to step into their professional roles in the design world.

No specific skills are required to enroll at NSAM Institute of Design. The philosophy of the institute is to welcome students as they are, raw and unsculpted, and then to shape them into beautiful ‘sculptures’ of talent and skill. NSAM is dedicated to nurturing each student’s inherent potential and guiding them towards professional and artistic excellence.

However, while there are no stringent prerequisites for enrollment, certain qualities can greatly enhance the learning experience. A fundamental interest in the chosen field of study is crucial. This passion drives learning and creativity, making the educational journey more engaging and fruitful. Willingness to learn and grow is another key trait; design fields are constantly evolving, and students who are open to new ideas and experiences will find themselves at an advantage.

Good communication skills are also beneficial, as design disciplines frequently involve presenting ideas, collaborating with others, and understanding client or audience needs. These skills can be honed and developed during the course of study at NSAM.

For more advanced or specialized courses, some prior experience or knowledge in the subject area may be advantageous. This is not a strict requirement but can help students grasp complex concepts more readily. However, the primary focus at NSAM is on nurturing raw talent and enthusiasm, transforming novices into skilled professionals ready to make their mark in the design world.

NSAM Institute of Design offers several financial assistance options to support students in their educational journey:

            Innovator’s Enrollment Discount: This is a special incentive for students who enroll before March 31st. It’s designed to reward early applicants and make education more accessible for proactive students.

            Parvarish Yogdan Sanstha Scholarship: In collaboration with the NGO Parvarish Yogdan Sanstha, NSAM Institute offers scholarships to four students each year, covering up to 50% of their fees. This scholarship is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. To qualify, students must provide crucial documents such as their parents’ pay slips. Single parents are also eligible for this scholarship, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder talented students from pursuing their education.

            Portfolio-Based Scholarship: NSAM Institute also provides scholarships based on portfolio evaluations. Students who showcase exceptional skills and potential through their portfolios may be eligible for this scholarship, which is an excellent opportunity for artistically gifted students.

In addition to these specific scholarships and discounts, NSAM Institute assists students in securing educational loans. The institute provides the necessary documentation and guidance to apply for loans, simplifying the process for students and their families. Students interested in exploring these financial options are encouraged to inquire during the admission process for detailed information and guidance.

These financial aids are part of NSAM Institute’s commitment to making quality education accessible and fostering a diverse and talented student community.

NSAM Institute of Design provides comprehensive accommodation support to its students, recognizing the importance of a safe and comfortable living environment, especially for those relocating from different cities or countries. The institute has established tie-ups with various girls’ hostels and PG accommodations, aiding students in finding the right place to live.

These collaborations ensure that students have access to a range of accommodation options that cater to diverse needs and budgets. The hostels and PG accommodations associated with NSAM Institute are known for their credibility and quality of service. This partnership helps in easing the process of securing suitable living arrangements for students, offering them a variety of choices in terms of location, amenities, and cost.

This accommodation support is particularly beneficial for ensuring a secure and conducive living environment, allowing students to focus on their academic and personal growth without the added stress of finding and managing their living arrangements independently. Students are encouraged to connect with the institute’s administration for assistance and guidance in choosing the most suitable accommodation option based on their individual preferences and requirements.

NSAM Institute of Design offers robust placement support to its students, significantly aiding them in their transition from academic to professional life. The institute boasts a dedicated placement cell that plays a crucial role in this process.

The placement cell at NSAM Institute actively works to connect students with suitable job opportunities in the design industry. This involves organizing campus interviews, facilitating internships, and providing career counseling and guidance. The placement team maintains strong relationships with various top companies and design houses in the field, ensuring that students have access to quality job prospects.

To be eligible for placement assistance, students are required to meet specific criteria set by the institute. These include maintaining good attendance, completing all projects and assignments to a satisfactory level, and actively participating in events and activities organized by the institute. Such criteria are designed to ensure that students are well-prepared, both academically and personally, for the challenges of the professional world.

Furthermore, NSAM Institute has a commendable track record of placements. The institute has achieved 100% placements from previous batches, underscoring its effectiveness in preparing students for successful careers in design. This impressive placement rate is a testament to the institute’s quality of education, industry relevance of the curriculum, and the comprehensive training students receive.

The placement cell also organizes workshops and seminars conducted by industry professionals, providing students with insights into the latest trends and demands of the design industry. These interactions not only enrich the students’ learning experience but also help them build a network of professional contacts, which can be invaluable in their future careers.

Overall, the placement support at NSAM Institute of Design is a cornerstone of the institute’s commitment to its students’ success, reflecting its dedication to not only educating but also empowering its graduates as they step into the world of design.

NSAM Institute of Design’s collaborations and affiliations significantly enhance its educational offerings. Apart from partnerships with industry and academic entities for guest lectures, internships, and projects, the institute holds several key accreditations and partnerships:

ISO Certification: This certification indicates that NSAM Institute adheres to international standards in its operations and educational practices, ensuring quality and consistency in its offerings.

NSDC Partnership: Collaboration with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) aligns the institute with national skill development goals.

UGC Approval: Being approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC) validates the institute’s academic standards and recognizes its degrees.

International Affiliations: Collaborations with international universities and bodies expand the institute’s global reach and influence.

Other Important Accreditations: These accreditations further establish the institute’s commitment to quality education in design.

These accreditations and partnerships not only reinforce the institute’s credibility but also provide students with a rich, diverse, and globally aligned educational experience.

NSAM Institute strives for a diverse and inclusive environment in all its courses. While there is no strict enforcement of a gender ratio, the institute ensures a balanced mix of students to promote a varied and dynamic learning environment.


For students enrolling in design courses at NSAM Institute, having the right tools and equipment is essential. These are not just learning aids but integral parts of their creative journey, acting as a student’s most important assets. Investing in these tools is a one-time expense that will serve students throughout their educational journey and into their professional lives.


Interior Design Tools:




A2 Size Sheets

For large-scale drawings and designs

A3 Size Drawing Book

Standard size for sketches and drawings

T Scale Full Imperial

For accurate measurements and scaling

Drawing Board Full Imperial

Essential for drafting and design work

Triangular Scale

With scales 1:20, 1:10, 1:55, 1:25, 1:33, 1:15 (mm, cm)

Staedtler Color Pencils

48 shades for detailed coloring

Sketch Pencils

Set of 12 pcs for sketching

Poster Colors

12 shades for coloring and rendering

Triangular Scale

(FT – Inches) for different measurement systems

Tracing Paper

For overlaying and refining designs

Measuring Tape

For precise measurement of spaces and objects

Masking Tape

Useful for securing drawings and marking areas


For cutting and shaping materials

Metal Scale

Durable scale for regular use

Set Square

For creating precise angles and lines

Portfolio Bag

For storing and transporting designs and materials


Fashion Design Tools:




Ivory A3 Size Sheets

For sketching and presenting designs

TK Sheets A3 Size Black

For contrast and detailed design work

Portfolio Folders

For organizing and presenting work

Brown Paper

Useful for pattern making and drafting

1/4 Triangle Scales

(cm, inch) for precise measurements

Staedtler Color Pencils

48 shades for coloring designs

Pencils Set

Variety of hardness (HB, 2B, 4B, 6B) for sketching

French Curves

For creating smooth curves in designs

Measuring Tape

Essential for taking body measurements


For marking on fabrics


Different types for paper and fabric cutting

Muslin Fabric

For mock-ups and practice

A3 Drawing Book

For design concepts and sketches

Threads, Bobbins

Essential for sewing and construction

Watercolor 12pcs Poster Color

For rendering and color concepts

Butter Paper Fuji Colors

For sketching and layering designs

Tracing Paper

For transferring and refining designs

Thread Cutter

For trimming threads neatly


Essential for hand sewing and detailing

Pearl Headed Pins

For securing fabric during construction


For coloring and sketching

Sketch Pens

For detailed and vibrant sketches

Anchor Threads

For embroidery and embellishments

Tracing Wheel

For transferring patterns

Microtip Pen Set

For fine detailing and annotations



These comprehensive toolkits are specifically designed to cater to the unique requirements of each course, ensuring students are well-equipped for all aspects of their design education.

At NSAM Institute of Design navi mumbai, each course – whether it’s a diploma, degree, postgraduate diploma, or masters – is structured to have a batch size of 30 students. This size is deliberately chosen to ensure that each student receives personalized attention, fostering an environment conducive to learning and individual growth. The institute offers two batches for each course, maintaining a favorable student-to-teacher ratio. This approach ensures that students can benefit from close interactions with their instructors and peers, enhancing their overall educational experience. For the most up-to-date information on seat availability and specific course details, prospective students are encouraged to visit the NSAM Institute’s website or contact the admissions office.

At NSAM Institute of Design, there are no strict age limits for diploma and postgraduate diploma courses. The institute welcomes students of various ages, recognizing that passion and desire to learn are not constrained by age. This inclusive approach allows individuals above 35 years to enroll in diploma and postgraduate diploma courses, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to pursue their passion for design. While there might be an upper age limit for bachelor degree programs, typically around 35 years, the flexibility in other programs ensures that NSAM Institute is accessible to a diverse range of students.