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Established in July 2019, NSAM Insitute of Design in Navi Mumbai’s premier institution recognized for fashion, designs, styling, art, and business.

NSAM Insitute of Design, A prestigious educational institution in Navi Mumbai, India, provides a range of degree and diploma courses in fashion design, interior design, and event management. Students who are enthusiastic about fashion, design, and event management frequently choose the institute because of its dedication to giving learners the skills and information they need to excel in the creative sector.

At NSAM Insitute of Design, fashion and apparel design is one of the most popular courses. A wide range of subjects, including fashion history, textiles, design theory, fashion illustration, and the business sides of fashion, including marketing, branding, and merchandising, are covered in the comprehensive fashion design programme that the institute offers. Professionals with extensive knowledge of the fashion world and a passion for seeing students succeed are teaching the course. The course is designed to give the students the chance to hone their creativity and technical proficiency while also giving them the knowledge needed to pursue a career in fashion design.

Another well-liked course that NSAM Insitute of Design offers is Interior and Spatial design. A wide spectrum of subjects, including design theory, space planning, colour theory, materials, construction and finishes, are covered throughout the programme. In addition, the course emphasises the business aspects of interior design, such as client interactions, project management, and more. We at NSAM try to give a practical approach to students by keeping various market surveys, industrial visits and even keeping On-site learnings. The course is instructed by seasoned experts who are enthusiastic about interior design and dedicated to assisting students in the area.

NSAM Insitute of Design, Navi Mumbai offers a course that gives students the skills and knowledge necessary to plan and execute successful events. Event management is a field that is rapidly catching student’s eye and is considered a must-have skill. Many students have a spark of managing events and that’s why it is important to have keen knowledge to understand this industry. Our course covers a wide range of topics, including marketing, budgeting, logistics, and the principles of event planning and all the necessary subject which one requires. The course is being taught by professionals with in-depth business knowledge and a grasp of the nuances of event management. In this course, students receive hands-on training that equips them with the skills they need to succeed in event management.

In conclusion, NSAM Insitute of Design is the choice for students looking to pursue a career in fashion design, interior design and event management. With a focus on holistic development, hands-on learning and practical education, the Institute offers students with the important skills and information essential to excel in the creative and event sector. The institution has a strong reputation and a skilled group of professors that are dedicated to assisting students in reaching their goals

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NSAM Insitute of Design is known for experiential learning opportunities, adaptable academic programming, the industry as well as academic partnerships, and commitment to research, creativity, invention, along with entrepreneurship.

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