7 Elements of Fashion Design

7 Elements of Fashion Design

2021 has been a challenging year for businesses. A time period well noted in the history of economics. And why not? This year, along with the preceding one, taught us how to get on and ahead on your toes and master your soft-skills, business approach, and brand personality on another level. Not to mention, the upsurge of small businesses in a very short period of time. Perhaps, the fashion industry has been no stranger. So, for our fellow fashion design mates, here are a few skills that you must work on to up your game in 2021:

Concept Visualization:

To think is to create, but to visualize is to establish! Simply put, unless you consider an image of an outfit, it nearly becomes impossible to put it on pen and paper and to ultimately bring it to life. Speaking of a fashion design skill, then what could be more important than just taking a glimpse of a fabric and creating an awe-inspired look!

Having an eye for the fitting:

Should it be an S or an M for me? We all get hindered with this question while trying to shop! But for a fashion designer, it’s like a walk in the park. Even if an inch of a strap is lower compared to the other, they should be easily able to determine if anything is off, which is a pretty significant fashion design skill to get hold of!

Possessing a personality:

The past 5 years have been all about conveying a brand’s story to its customers. And fashion designers aren’t alien to the concept. They haven’t just created a brand personality but are a unique persona within themselves. One can say it becomes a lot easier for the media to resonate with you and to market you in the industry, conveying the importance of this skill in fashion design.


Well why creativity being the essence of any industry relying on customization? Fashion designing comes with the word creativity. And it’s 2021 folks. If you haven’t got the knicks of risk taking and bringing something new out of nowhere, rolling out your business in the fashion line, can say, is impossible! Hence, an important fashion design skill to work on.

Grip on communication skills:

The hype around the term isn’t for nothing. You need to clear and concise with your work. Taking feedback from customers, following up on fellow employees, vendors, etc. is a very important aspect. Co-ordination and transparency with those involved on a project play a major role when it comes to any industry, the same falling for fashion designers.

Qualities of leadership:

We are aware of what a challenging role a fashion designer has to play to produce their work. And only a visionary individual can put their team members on the go to bring justice to the work. The fashion industry isn’t an easy one to ace. There are challenging moments where deadlines and quality are equally expected. Also, comforting your employees during critical moments call up for leadership as an essential fashion design skill.

Here we come to the end of this article. But do not stop here. Keep going ahead to upskill yourself as the coming times are ever changing and the trends in the industry will include the already mentioned skills, but also keep upgrading at a prominent pace. Do watch out for more such articles on our website and get access to an expertise in the fashion industry at NSAM Insitute of Design, just at the foothills of Kharghar in your neighborhood.

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