Advance Diploma Course in Fashion Designing

A one-year curriculum that focuses on teaching advanced fashion design concepts and processes is known as an advanced diploma in fashion design. Students who complete the programme will have a thorough understanding of the fashion industry, including design principles, pattern making, textile choice, and the manufacturing process.

For professionals who wish to learn about designing men’s and children’s clothing as well as fashion marketing and merchandising, an advanced diploma programme in fashion design is for them. The course includes the technical abilities required to create functional and aesthetically acceptable clothing as well as advanced fashion design themes. With the help of guest lectures and workshops, students will have the chance to gain knowledge from professionals in the field throughout the course.

The course covers the usage of industry-standard software like Adobe Illustrator, which is crucial for fashion designers, in addition to teaching conventional fashion design methods. Students will be able to express their creative ideas clearly by using Adobe Illustrator to produce digital illustrations, graphics, and designs. Overall, the NSAM Insitute of Design’s advanced diploma in fashion design programme is a great option for people who want to work in the fashion industry and acquire the abilities and expertise required to be successful in the fields of men’s and children’s clothing along with getting to know the insights in merchandising and marketing. The goal of the course is to give students a well-rounded education that will enable them to pursue a variety of careers in the fashion industry.

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum 40% in undergraduate degree courses from any stream


1 Year

Course Details - Advance Diploma in Fashion Designing


  • Fashion theory
  • Illustration
  • Pattern making and garment construction
  • Creative textiles
  • Draping
  •  Merchandising and marketing
  • Software application in fashion designing
  • Fashion Show
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Career Opportunities

 Fashion Designer

 Textile Designer

 Lifestyle Designer

 Fashion Blogger

 Fashion Director

 Brand Manager

 Fashion Merchandiser

 Fashion Illustrator

 Fashion Stylist

 Fashion Journalist

 Fashion Photographer

 Chief Design Officer

 Chief Creative Officer

 Fashion Consultant

 Fashion Professor


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