Difference Between Tailor & Fashion Designer

Difference Between Tailor & Fashion Designer

Even today, a very usual question asked to fashion design aspirants is, “You really want to be a tailor?” In the earlier days, the style designer was considered as a glorified tailor or one can say a contemporary term for the tailor. the explanation is also both use the identical tools and therefore the effect is that the apparel/ dress/ garment. However, there’s huge difference in how they work:

Designers study trends:

Fashion designers study fashion trends, sketch designs, and choose materials, and build apparel for men, women, and kids. They participate and contribute to every and each aspect of the assembly aspects of their designs. They create millions and lots of pieces of clothing that are purchased by consumers on a yearly basis.

Tailors ‘tailor’ outfits:

They help the shoppers to pick the material and colors which will suit perfectly for that exact customer and obey for stitching customized garment from them. While working for a tailor, a tailor works under a head sewer and thus transforms various fashion ideas into reality.

Designers research & sketch:

Fashion designers conduct research, develop an idea and vision for the sort of person they might wish to dress, create a visible image of their concept through sketches (or drapery) and oversee the assorted design and production processes that bring their sketches or designs to life within the style of a 3 dimensional garment to suit their muse or intended market.

Tailors execute:

A tailor gives life to the designs created by a designer. He makes customized clothing, particularly suits and tuxedos for a pick number of clients, considering their unique peculiarities and goes through a painstaking process of pattern making and complicated garment construction techniques including handwork and various fittings to return up with an awesome garment with perfect finishing for his, usually, high-end client.

Designers use technology:

Fashion designers work on the primary draft of the look to develop the primary basic prototype, using software system. The CAD enables designers to appear at designs of clothing in various colors and shapes on the virtual models. They use the newest technologies like body scanning that enable them to produce better custom fit or seamless knitting technologies that facilitates the assembly of clothing with simple push of a button.

The key difference between a fashion designer and a tailor is that a tailor conceives garment combinations of line, proportion, color, and texture and will defer to a tailor or seamstress to stitch it. Although many noteworthy designers like Coco Chanel, Michael Kors and Virgil Abloh failed to formally attend fashion school, many encourage attending professional courses for technical training and industry connections. The course of fashion designing at NSAM Insitute of Design gives you the accessibility to gain insights on becoming a fashion designer.

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