Fashion Designing As A Career

Fashion Designing As A Career

Fashion Academy’s website, fashion blog, maybe- a fashion student, but not just another rant about- The glamorous world of fashion designers! Most of you might have landed here to know about what happens when you set out your career as a fashion designer. But let us tell you, this industry doesn’t end there. They say that opportunities do not knock twice, but there are several doors leading to it. And unlike in fairy tales, the right door is the one that you choose and is never pre-determined! Enough of wordplay, let us know about the various opportunities that one has in the fashion industry:

Fashion Designer

The very obvious one, a profession that needs no introduction, fashion designers are precisely linked with the fashion designing industry. If you are a fashionista yourself, you might have definitely heard about the top Indian fashion designers such as Varun Bahl, Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi, Rohit Bal, etc. They have actually managed to transform the fashion scene in Bollywood.  

Retail Buyer

Post pursuing a sphere in fashion designing, you will have an inordinate grip of what ensemble will enhance the looks of different people. Being a retail buyer, you can establish your own store, online or offline, and sell self-manufactured products or you can get the products from other designers to be sold under your label. This field is pretty cost-effective if done precisely.

Retail Manager

Landing a role at a boutique, departmental store, or eminent brands such as Lifestyle, Zara, Emporio Armani, etc. can be highly convenient. A retail manager is responsible for setting up diurnal targets for the staff while ensuring the nitty-gritties of marketing and promotions.

Fashion Stylist

Bringing you one of the most cynical and most electrifying job profile on the list. Befalling as  a Fashion stylist, your concern is to determine the right pieces from the designers’ assortment or wardrobe to handpick the finest outfits with regards to clients’ body type, precedence, and tastes. A stylist curates a person’s look from head to toe, be it makeup or hairstyling, they keep up at everything.

Textile Designer

Are you fond of prints, patterns or are into weaving macramé? Perhaps mastering the art of textile designing could become your forte as it involves 2D unique or repetitive patterns using CAD for printed fabrics, weaves, and knit patterns. These fabrics may be used in the interiors to make clothes or as soft furnishing. Textile designers either work as a part of the team in industrial and non-industrial settings or even work independently. 

Jewelry and Footwear Designing

Pondering about a career in fashion designing, jewelry and footwear is a whole perceptible gamut in the industry that compliments the textile quarter. After all, beyond the harmonizing footwear and fashion accessories, even the quintessential dress remains patchy.

Personal Shopper

Are you enamored with shopping? It’s time to be happy because a private shopper is an expert who assists brides, celebrities, and even everyday irascible dressers to pluck out the simplest dresses from the hangers. But remember! you need to be an expert so you’ll hash out the simplest deals, best shops, and pick the foremost suitable designs and makes as per the client’s requirements.

Makeup Artist

A makeup artist takes cares of the skincare, hairstyling, grooming, and anything associated with an extra appearance of the body. However, it’s important to notice that makeup artists are different from beauticians as they’re not limited to normal beauty treatments. Makeup artists are hired for weddings, pre-wedding photoshoots, bridal makeup, fashion events, celebrities, and models.

Fashion Model

A model is that the one who acts and walk on a ramp to point out the new trends so as to market commercial products within the market. Some fashion designers wear their own clothes to represent themselves or sometimes they hire models to market their work.

If you’re reading this line, then you must have rightly found the vocation of your interests, as you seem to be really interested to reach until here- pun intended! Get your hands on the course of fashion designing here, at NSAM Insitute of Design,  and get the right guidance to sway straight along the path of fashion.


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