How to begin with a career in fashion

How to begin with a career in fashion

The fashion industry is an extremely contentious world where cool creatives and sassy strategists have to toil together to keep up with briskly changing trends and an exigent audience who are indulgent for choice. In the fashion industry, the tasks keeping it afloat are more diversified than appears from the outside. Here are few pointers on how get your foot in the door of the fashion industry:

Pep up yourself:

The first and foremost thing that adds value to your career, is to take an initiative. Working on a blog or placing your voice on social media leads to a chain of networks and aids in gaining recognition in the world of fashion. Your future employer might be unheard of, but showing them what you’ve achieved during your spare time will definitely give a heads up. Create an online platform and share your thoughts, ideas, inspiration and your style quotient! 

Propose your queries:

Will this idea work? How to make a color contrast? Are these prints making a fashion statement? These questions will get an answer only when you put them in the query box! Do not be afraid of asking questions. Ask the person responsible for the task if you can contribute in a small way, observe them or simply ask what the process is all about. Find a mentor who can guide you throughout your journey and you’ll be surprised to know what all you can bring to the table.

Approach the big fish in small ponds:

The journey to Ralph Lauren isn’t easy, but it does become possible if you start from nowhere. The most important idea is to understand that there are more players in the fashion industry other than Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Fashion start-ups greatly rely on interns, and they offer more opportunities to learn, gain experience and receive recognition, as there’s a more close-knit work environment in these organizations.

Have an online know-how:

The most important place to be in the fashion industry is to be online. Keep a tab on blogger networks and social media handles to stay updated on the fashion platforms both in your region and abroad. Having a knack of how things work in the world of fashion can create perks for you on various levels of the industry, and serves as a strong ‘Point of View’ in the skillset of your resume.

Keep pace with fashion vogue:

Finally, yet importantly, keep abreast of the up and coming fashion trends in the industry. The easiest way to do this is by following a few bigwigs or media houses on Twitter, and sweep the sultry topics before breakfast every day. When you land your big break, you’ll be proficient enough to form an opinion and deliver valuable input. 

There are many windows of opportunity out there. It just takes the will and determination to get a hold of yourself and keep hustling in the fashion realm. Your enthusiasm and creativity are your strongest assets in this arena. Do not make the mistake of sitting still. Resolve not to overthink your ambitions. Focus on using your unique skills. Roll up your sleeves and show the business what you’re made of! Make the choice of pursuing your fashion career through NSAM and you will find yourself in great hands to brush up your skills in the best possible manner. Find out how on

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