How To Cut Fabrics Accurately & Efficiently

How To Cut Fabrics Accurately & Efficiently

Does taking a glance at countless outfit patterns make your heart skip a beat? If yes, then you’re within an ace of landing on this page as here you will learn how to literally CREATE those patterns! And to delineate a pattern, it is cardinal to understand the various methods that go behind the procedure of fashion designing, of which cutting is a subordinate but very crucial task to work on. Let us understand the process bit by bit of cutting a fabric accurately yet efficiently:

Step 1: Fabric Arrangement:

The fabric is prepared by first pre-washing the material so that any shrinkage or color bleeding can be effortlessly removed. Post that, it should be laid out to dry so that it doesn’t go asymmetrical and mildly pressed to remove any creases. The fabric must be left to relax and stretch back into its shape after pressing. And then it should be laid out on a table, primed to be cut.

Step 2: Grainline Set-up:

Now, the fabric must be doubled up in half lengthwise, so that the 2 selvages converge. This is performed in order to bring the woven fibers of the fabric in a straight pattern to enable clothing, while also allowing you to cut the fabric symmetrically and to cut the outlines that are mirror images of each other. Additionally, a quilting ruler or just the 2 edges of your counter can be utilized to achieve a sharp 90-degree angle.

Step 3: Size Check:

The basic thumb rule is to check the size and accordingly cut out the paper pattern chunks. Usually, new-fashioned patterns are available in varying sizes, so it is essential to follow the dotted lines. Also, the paper patterns must be cut using low-cost scissors. Using expensive shears to cut paper will not only make the former blunt, but also burn a hole in your pocket.

Step 4: Pin your patterns:

The patterns must be pinned according to a suggested pattern formation. To pin different fabrics, distinct pins are available which do not snag the fabric when they are detached. Pattern pieces must be placed on fold and if seam allowances are included in the pattern, sizable gaps must be left between the pattern offcut.

Step 5: Cutting Fabric:

Now that the fabric is pinned and prepared, it is time to cut the fabric. The pattern pieces must be carefully cut with sharp scissors to get a clean, accurate edge. Moreover, it is ideal to initially rough cut around the pieces and then trim properly. Also, it is advisable to cut the notches outwards to avoid cutting into the seam allocation.

Cutting a fabric inaccurately will lead to a disastrous piece of clothing as the end result, which will not be a desirable outcome for you. Gaining an in-depth knowledge with regards to the numerous aspects that go along while cutting fabrics and making patterns will not only aid on a single project, but will stay with you for eons. It is rightly said that, “Practice makes a man perfect.”. To dig deep into this arena of fashion designing, join in at NSAM Insitute of Design and master your way into fabric curation. Visit now at

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