Why Choose Us- NSAM Insitute of Design

Why Choose Us- NSAM Insitute of Design

What does a person desire when they plan to go ahead with a decision? Support. Of their loved ones, obviously. But there’s another thing that is very essential to exist, which is a guide. A guide who takes you through a journey of your pathway. A guide who puts your confusions to rest. A guide who shows you both the sides of a coin. One who brings forth the reality of a situation to you. 

Mrs. Neeru Jain, the Founder of NASM Academy, was a fashion design enthusiast from an early age. She wanted to pursue a career into the fashion industry but couldn’t avail proper guidance on how to go ahead with the field. Not only that, but knowing about the nitty-gritty of the industry was something to definitely worry about, putting a limitation on the knowledge of the vast scope that was available to a fashion design aspirant. Eventually, this limitation that put a stop on her dreams made her realize how many individuals must be sharing the same fate as her; bringing the brainchild NSAM Insitute of Design to the surface.

NSAM Insitute of Design believes in the idea of being a guide to the students, until they can affirm that the latter is ready for the real world. We bring this idea into reality in the following ways:

  1. Teaching the students to learn about the industry through a holistic approach.
  2. To make them realize their potential by exploring various areas of their field of choice.
  3. Providing them with hands-on experience in the industry through simultaneous industry updates.
  4. Faculties who are experts within the field, aiding you to bring out your inquisitive self.
  5. Mentors encourage students to deep dive into the essentials of the industry while being their pillars of strength.

After knowing these facts about NSAM Insitute of Design, we’re sure that you must be wondering if we fulfill the basic criteria of a fashion and interior designing academy. Surprise! Yes, we do cater the interior designing arena as well. Let us take you through a quick tour of all the facets at NSAM Insitute of Design:

  • 100% guaranteed internships
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Professors with 10+ years of experience
  • Industry based learning programme
  • Registered with NSDC, ISO certified and university collaborations

Fun fact! Not only do we help you to become a better designer, be it fashion or interior design, but also teach you the ways of running your own business within the industry. Yes, you heard that right! Today, entrepreneurial skills play a very important factor, and many individuals lack the same due to one reason; superficial knowledge. NSAM Insitute of Design takes you through the very ground level of fashion and interior designing, making you the king of your craft in the snap of time and thus, deep rooting the entrepreneurial competence within you. To be one of us, enroll now at Enroll Here

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